About Blue Forge

Founded in 2016 by Rachel Steele, we offer independent consultancy services with expertise in recruitment and talent planning within the marketing and communications field, working for clients including large blue chip companies and smaller independent organisations.

60% of UK workers are unhappy in their job*, and we think it's our job to try and reduce that statistic.

We provide a service that is rooted in a genuine interest in the people and businesses we work with. Our network is made up of people who have been either candidates or clients, and we're proud that quite a few of them have been both. We aim to be just as useful in whichever capacity you are working with us, and to provide excellent customer service throughout the hiring process and beyond. 

By choosing to work with fewer clients, we are able to offer a more holistic service to those who we partner with. This can include talent acquisition, advising on developing your employer branding, talent planning to achieve your organisation’s goals, ongoing development of your talent pipeline, and joining your team to work alongside you during times of significant growth.

As an external consultant, we retain a broader view of the market, enabling us to offer insights and knowledge from outside of your organization, too.

* Figures taken from ONS Labour Market Statistics, June 2014. 30.54 million people in work, 57% considering moving jobs = 17.4 million people.

What's in our brand?

Blue Forge refers to the point in the welding process when steel turns a blue shade of white, indicating the metal is ready to meld and form a strong bond. We pride ourselves on making connections that last.

We believe that by developing clear talent strategies with our clients, we can help them to attract and retain people who will really contribute to their organisation's long term success. 

Our values

  • Straight talking. In all aspects of our work. You will find us straight forward to deal with, and timely with detailed feedback from both sides following meetings. 

  • Agile. We can respond quickly to change, and work flexibly to find the right approach for each of our projects. 

  • Collaborative. We work closely with our clients, associates, and people across our network to achieve the best possible outcome. 

  • Curious. Some call it nosy, but we just like to know more: about our industry; our people; our tools; and what makes people shine in their workplace.  

About Rachel Steele

Rachel has over 12 years’ experience in talent management, career coaching, and recruitment. She enjoys helping to improve job satisfaction, whether through finding clients a team that drives their organization forwards, or through clarifying their career direction.

Trained in coaching and psychometric profiling, she has expertise in searching for talent, and identifying personalities who will work well together. She has worked with clients to develop work-experience programmes for graduates entering the workforce, supported parents returning to work following career breaks, and helped talented managers achieve the step up to leadership.

Rachel runs her own business, Blue Forge, bringing together her skills in search and recruitment process, career coaching and talent management. She is focused on increasing the number of people that feel inspired about their work, by defining their motivations through a more rigorous coaching element within the recruitment process. Her area of expertise is within Marketing and Communications professionals, of which she has developed a strong network across a variety of industry sectors.