Forging the best talent with our clients

We prefer to work with fewer clients than some agencies, but really get close to those that we service, aiming to fully understand your organisation and the people who thrive within it. That way, it’s much quicker for us to match people to your opportunities, and more likely that they will go the distance. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, not just on success, and you can be confident that you and your candidate’s experience will be first class – leaving them with a positive impression of your organization even if they are not selected.

We aim to provide a service that is an extension to our client's in house talent team, where they have one, providing an external view of the market place and insights into their reputation to help develop their employer brand. When our clients don’t have an in house talent team, we are happy to advise on talent acquisition strategy and staff retention if appropriate.

Staffing and resourcing can be time consuming. Working with a specialist recruiter can save a huge amount of stress and time. We’re here to offer expertise in the marketing and communications field, and an extensive network of the best talent.

We keep in touch with you and the people we have introduced you to, and make sure that they are thriving in your business. Keeping up to date with how your business is changing is important, as we want to play our part in your continued journey.

Our services

We can tailor our service to each of our clients, and work in a number of different capacities depending on their needs. As a guide, we offer the following services: search; retained search; talent management.

Contingency Search

We encourage our clients to work with us exclusively on each hiring project, where possible, as this enables us to manage the entire process for them, view the whole picture, and provide fully informed guidance throughout.

We will actively search for the right person, using our network, referrals, advertising, and social media. This is not simply a database search – we work hard to find the best person for you. We interview all of our candidates face to face unless we tell you otherwise, and provide a clear and useful summary.

When our clients prefer to work with multiple recruiters, we can work alongside others on this service level.

Retained Search

For the more senior hires, or when you need to guarantee that a role is filled, we recommend our retained service. We give 100% commitment to finding the right person, and securing them for you. This is a bespoke service, offering you expert support in hiring decisions, from the initial brief to on-boarding.

Our process runs as follows:

BRIEFING: We work closely with you to produce a detailed job brief, identifying the essential and desired experience needed. We might challenge assumptions or encourage you to think laterally about what the opportunity involves, and where the right candidate might be found. We will also cover the background of your organisation, future prospects, and the benefits of working for you, to develop effective messaging to attract candidates.

RESEARCH: Using our in depth knowledge of the marketing and communications landscape, we research the market to identify the best potential candidates, ensuring that we locate people working in less obvious target companies through our lateral approach. We tell your story to our best prospects, engaging them in the process, and profiling them over the phone to create our long list. 

INTERVIEWS: We select the most interesting and relevant people to meet for a formal interview, during which we assess their suitability through discussion, competency based questions, and personality profiling as agreed with each client. We will consider their experience, achievements, ambition, motivation, and personality to determine the shortlisted candidates.

SHORTLIST: We usually provide a shortlist of 3 or 4 people to introduce you to. We will discuss each of them with you, explaining why we think they could be a good fit, and what they could bring to the role. Detailed written reports ensure that you are well informed ahead of meeting each of them. 

SELECTION: When the candidates have been approved, we will arrange the client interview process, managing the logistics and providing detailed feedback throughout. 

APPOINTMENT: Once you have made your decision about your preferred candidate, we will manage the negotiation process until the contract has been agreed and signed. We stay close to the successful person throughout their resignation, helping them to deal with any counter-offer made by their current employer.

ONBOARDING: We continue working with you both throughout the notice period and probation period, ensuring that your new hire is clear on their remit and responsibilities, helping to improve their chances of making a positive impact as quickly as possible. 

Talent Management

If you have a significant amount of hiring to do over a period of time, and don’t need to take on a permanent Talent Manager, we can work on site with you to manage the process for you. Services can be provided fully in house, working with your team day to day, or through a mix of on site and remote working. We can provide any of the following as required:

TALENT PLANNING: working with your leaders / managers to identify skills and capabilities needed to deliver current and future work. Identify skills and capabilities that need to be developed with the current team, and those that will require external resource.

ACQUISITION: full management of internal and external talent identification and hiring processes including advertising, social media, search, interviewing, negotiation.

ASSESSMENT AND SELECTION: develop assessment and selection processes, including online testing and psychometrics, to give reliable insights about candidates. Provide training to hiring managers on interview technique, as required, develop relevant competency based questions and interview structures.

ONBOARDING: develop induction plans for new starters and transitioning employees to ensure appropriate and supportive induction, and work with managers to help with implementation as required.


If you're not sure which service level would be best suited to your current needs, have no fear. We can talk through your situation, explain our services, and discuss how we can work with you most effectively. We can tailor our services to you, and agree terms to suit your organisation and the work you need doing. Please contact us for more detailed information, we'd love to hear from you.