Careers in Marketing & Communications.

If you’ve decided that it’s time for a fresh challenge, then we’d love to help you find the right one! If you’re clear on what you’re looking for next, then please get in touch to register with our recruitment services, and we’ll tell you about relevant opportunities as they come up.

Sometimes it’s not so straight forwards, and if you know that you need a change but you’re not yet sure about the best way forwards, then our career coaching service might be helpful for you to get clear on this before choosing your new role.

We provide a range of services designed to help people solve problems they might face throughout transitioning into a new role, or even a new career. Click on our coaching page for further information if this sounds relevant.

Recruitment Services

If you’re thinking about whether your current role is getting the best out of you, and what your next step might look like, now is a good time to start having a conversation about it with someone familiar with your industry.

People who have made a positive career move will thrive. Sometimes this doesn't mean climbing the next rung of the corporate ladder, and we take time to understand what elements of a move will help each of our candidates to shine.

Crucially, we enjoy listening to the people we work with. We aim to understand what is important to you, and how we can work towards improving your current situation. There might be potential to change aspects of your role without moving to a new employer, and we can help you approach this negotiation. If it’s time to move, then we will aim to identify what is going to make that move a rewarding one for you.

So instead of selling you opportunities (although we do get excited about working for our clients!) we see it as an important part of our job to coach you, and to make sure that you’ll be heading in the right direction with any moves we discuss. 

We bring people together, and we’re successful because we care about finding the best results for all involved. 

What you can expect:

  • Respect, and interest in helping you to make the right decisions about your future.

  • Knowledge of your market, enabling us to provide relevant and specific career advice.

  • Practical and informed advice ahead of interviews.

  • Updates on where you are in the hiring process, with detailed feedback after each interview stage.

  • Responsive communication, we'll get back to you even if the news isn't as positive as we had hoped.

  • Careful management of your offer stage, ensuring that you are clear on all the details throughout any negotiation.

  • We're here to support you through your resignation and beyond.

  • Keeping in touch as you settle into your new job, we hope that you'll continue to lean on us for career advice as you progress. 

We have many years’ experience spanning the marketing and communications industry, across agencies and in-house clients. This puts us in a good position to offer you advice on how you can develop your career in a variety of directions, rather than one linear career ladder.  

If you would like to chat about your options, then please call us, or get in touch to register with us at the email below.